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Campus Facilities

Research conducted by the EPL also utilizes several campus and local facilities, including two top-of-the-line recreation centers (pictured above) for year-round testing and exercise interventions, as well as a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) facility at the Beckman Institute.

Cross-campus laboratories are an integral part of our larger research endeavor in exercise, aging, and psychological function. The EPL collaborates with Professors Art Kramer, Neal Cohen and Monica Fabiani of the Beckman Institute (pictured top-left) and the Department of Psychology. These collaborations involve the examination of the relationships among aging, fitness, psychosocial function, and brain structure and function.

Within the community, we also work closely with Dr. Kendrith Rowland of the Carle Cancer Center/Mills Breast Cancer Institute on several studies attempting to understand the influence of physical activity behavior for improved physical, mental, and cognitive outcomes in cancer survivors.

In addition, we have been collaborating with Dr. Laura Rogers of the University of Alabama at Birmingham on a series of studies taking a social cognitive approach to understanding physical activity behavior and its determinants and consequences in cancer survivors.